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I have been cutting out my social media for some time. I don't really have anything besides reddit / Facebook and meetup (if that's considered social media).

I was wondering how many people are doing the same?

And for those on twitter how accurate is this?

Let me know!
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That twitter video made me LMAO so hard. I 100% agree that Twitter can be such a cesspool when tweeting your own thoughts - don’t get me started on american politics, it’s an absolute hellhole and I try not to get suck into that rabbit hole myself.

I actually don’t tell my friends my twitter id nor do I tweet my thoughts to people, knowing how everyone can say whatever they want anonymously.

I mainly use it to follow other artists, mainly Japanese artists :lol: sometimes we share art together, we keep it nice and harmonious without speaking our opinions :lol: .

Anywho - what you’re doing is great practice for your mental health. I use to do that every now and then when I’m feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with too much news. Great way to reset and helps bring back focus on yourself.

Now with social media, I use a few things for various reasons. Instagram for potential work gigs, and facebook mainly for group activities in the neighbourhood, and tech updates/news on drone and 360 cameras. But I don’t religiously check in. I tick off alerts and notifications on my phone so it won’t distract me.
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